Carlos Cuevas, Ph.D., a Northeastern University associate professor, said victims with a long history of sexual abuse might be diagnosed with PTSD and a host of other conditions.

Treating sexual abuse/harassment with therapy and support

By Phyllis Hanlon

Recently, print, broadcast and social media sites have been reporting sexual abuse, harassment, and misbehavior allegations on a daily basis. While this news has focused on the entertainment industry and corporate America, such behavior also occurs in the workplace, at home and in public venues. Carlos A. Cuevas, Ph.D., associate professor, co-director, Violence & Justice Research Laboratory, School of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Northeastern University, defines sexual abuse as “any kind of unwanted or forced sexual behavior on a person” that might include touching, fondling or rape. “Harassment doesn’t necessarily differ from sexual abuse, but is usually connected to [More]