Psychosomatic illness is often seen in people who have limited coping resources, said Kristie Puster, Ph.D. She is the director of psychological and behavioral interventions at the Hasbro Medical Psychiatric Program in Providence, Rhode Island.

Examining psychosomatic illness

By Phyllis Hanlon

The National Institutes of Health reported that prior to the 19th century, many in the medical field believed emotions were connected to physical illness. That way of thinking subsided in the ensuing years, but recent studies have shown psychological factors may be a factor in some physical conditions. Kristie Puster, Ph.D., director, Psychological and Behavioral Interventions at Hasbro Medical Psychiatric Program in Providence, Rhode Island, said, “Psychosomatic illness is when a psychological state affects our physical functioning beyond what is normal and to the point that we become impaired in some way. For example, a person can experience paralysis unrelated to [More]

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