Philip Kleespies, Ph.D., agrees with research that shows patient assaults happen most often to early career psychologists. He works at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital in Jamaica Plain, Mass.

Practitioner safety: more training needed

By Phyllis Hanlon

Approximately three years after getting licensed, C. Avila Wright, Ph.D., worked in an inpatient setting where she was assaulted by a patient. With limited training in non-violent crisis intervention, she was unnerved by the incident but fortunate to have the backup of a crisis team. For the most part, however, safety programs for practitioners remain scarce. Wright is director, Research and Special Projects, Practice Research and Policy, at the American Psychological Association’s Practice Directorate Thirty-year veteran in the field Philip Kleespies, Ph.D., who works at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Jamaica Plain, Mass., also personally experienced issues with patients threatening [More]

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