Sherry L. Pagoto, Ph.D., focuses her work on the relationship between excessive tanning and skin cancer. She is an associate professor at UMass Medical School and co-founder of the Center for Health and Social Media.

Collaboration could mitigate cancer risk

By Phyllis Hanlon

The American Cancer Society predicts that 1.6 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in 2015 and close to 600,000 cancer-related deaths will occur. While genetics plays a role in the development of cancer, some controllable factors could also lead to this disease. Psychological intervention before diagnosis could prevent unnecessary suffering and early death from cancer. Research has shown that stress which causes inflammation, obesity, tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption and over-exposure to the sun are just a few controllable causes, potentially leading to the development of cancer. Sherry L. Pagoto, Ph.D., associate professor of medicine in the division [More]