Continuing Education for Psychologists

New England Psychologist lists as many continuing education conferences and workshops as space allows. Workshops must offer CE credit to psychologists in order to be listed. Listings with incomplete information will not be printed. CE credits listed are for psychologists. Deadline to submit information is Jan. 1, Apr. 1, June 1, and Sep. 1 for print editions; anytime for online. CE workshop information may be submitted by email:


Need a few CE credits today?
Continuing education is both a requirement and an opportunity – but finding the right content can be a challenge. New England Psychologist, has partnered with Triad to offer high quality continuing education courses at a 25% discount.Continuing education courses are offered through AATBS, a Triad company approved by the APA, ASWB, NBCC, NYSED, and other national and state boards. The AATBS CE library includes 250+ CE courses (800+ unique hours of CEUs).To access the New England Psychologist discount, please visit their catalog and use code NEPSY to get 15% off CEUs today.



Oct. 7-Nov. 4: Understanding Life Backward but Living It Forward: Analyzing to Understand but Envisioning Possibilities to Incentivize Action 2022. Online. $525, 18 CEs. An action-based, solution-focused, future-oriented psychodynamic model will be presented that conceives of the mind as holding infinite potential and of memory as dynamic and continuously updating itself on the basis of new experience (whether real or simply envisioned). Sponsored by William James College. Contact

Oct. 14: Relational Spirituality, Social Justice, and Cultural Humility in Clinical Practice. Online. $120, 5 CEs (additional charge). We will be reviewing empirical research concerning spirituality and religion and mental health, presenting the relational spirituality framework for engaging in these issues in psychotherapy, and integrate spirituality and religion with culturally informed psychotherapy. Sponsored by Therapy Training Boston. Learn more & register:

Oct. 14: Beyond the Binary: Gender Diversity in Children & Adolescents. Zoom. $195, 6 CEs. This workshop focuses on the current psychosocial landscape of gender diverse identities, evolving nomenclature, developmental considerations, as well as the role of mental/behavioral healthcare in navigating gender identity and the diagnostic category of gender dysphoria. Sponsored by Vermont Psychological Assoc. Learn more & register:

Oct. 14-16: The 28th Annual Santa Fe Symposia. Santa Fe, NM. $649, 15 CEs. Choose from two sessions: Energy to Mind: Integrating Our “Self”-Organizing Feedback Loops led by John Arden, PhD, ABPP or Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy: New Integrations in Mindfulness, Trauma and Somatic Experiences led by Ronald A. Alexander, PhD. Learn more and register:

Oct. 21: Recovering Relationships in the Aftermath of Addiction. Zoom. $179 ($119 for RIPA members), 6 CEs. This workshop will help deepen understanding of the ways that addiction and recovery interact with relationship functioning, with particular focus on ways clinicians can employ evidence-based strategies to help clients improve their relationships. Sponsored by Rhode Island Psychological Assoc. Learn more & register: or 401-732-2400.

Oct. 27 (also on Nov. 16): Suicide Assessment and Intervention Training for Mental Health Professionals. Newton, MA. $125, 6 CEs. This full-day training is designed to increase knowledge and improve the skills of clinicians who find themselves identifying high-risk youth and adults, and planning for their care. Best practices in risk assessment, liability management, and planning for interventions will be presented and attendees will learn techniques for eliciting suicidal ideation. Sponsored by William James College. Contact:



Nov. 4-5: Caring for Your Whole Patient: Addressing Mental Health in the Treatment of Chronic Conditions. Boston, MA. $420 ($385 before 10/6), 14 CEs. Workshop will bring together clinicians who treat individuals with chronic medical conditions and empower them to treat the whole patient. Topics include overcoming one’s own existing stigma, screening patients for mental health concerns, deepening one’s understanding of the behavioral health ecosystem, and identifying supplementary resources in the community. Sponsored by Cambridge Health Alliance & Harvard Medical School. Learn more & register:

Nov. 18: Unmasking Microaggressions in a Clinical Setting. Zoom. $210 ($150 for NHPA members), 6 CEs. Participants will learn practical strategies to help identify microaggressions in a clinical setting and discuss the actions we can take to mitigate them, in a three-part, all-day workshop. Additionally, coping strategies for those who experience microaggressions will be discussed. Sponsored by NH Psychological Assoc. Contact:

Nov. 18-19: Traumatic Stress: Pathways to Healing. Boston, MA. $420 ($385 before 10/20), 14 CEs. Workshop will review various types of trauma plus common presentations and issues among trauma survivors, with attention to special considerations in treating specific trauma populations including refugees and gender diverse individuals. In addition, we will introduce a complex case vignette and discuss several therapeutic approaches that may be effectively applied. Sponsored by Cambridge Health Alliance & Harvard Medical School. Learn more & register:



Dec. 2: Applying Concepts from a Single Session Model to Short- and Longer-Term Work with Individuals, Couples and Families. Online. $110, 5 CEs (additional charge). In this workshop, participants will be immersed in the theory and practice of a transtheoretical single session therapy (SST) approach. The purpose of this training is to enhance helping professionals’ capacities to work efficiently in short- and longer-term work with a diverse range of clients and presenting problems. Sponsored by Therapy Training Boston. Learn more & register:

Dec. 2-3: Autism and Development: Optimizing and Integrating Service Delivery Models for the Neurodiverse. Boston, MA. $420 ($385 before 11/3), 14 CEs. Workshop will present how to best organize care and provide services to people with autism that fully promotes their development and participation in society. Several recent innovative models will be highlighted, as well as how clinicians can care for special populations within the autism community. Sponsored by Cambridge Health Alliance & Harvard Medical School. Learn more & register:



EMDR Basic Training. Zoom. $1,550-$1,618 for 20 CEs. The EMDR Therapy Basic Training (Weekend 1 and 2) is designed for licensed mental health practitioners who treat adults and children in a clinical setting (See Qualifications Section). EMDR is a comprehensive psychotherapy that accelerates the treatment of a wide range of pathologies and self-esteem issues related to disturbing events and present life conditions. Sponsored by the EMDR Institute. Learn more:

EMDR. Online. $1525-$1725, 40 CEs. This is hands-on clinical skills training for using EMDR and integrating it with your psychotherapy approach — with adults as well as children. Sponsored by Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute. Learn more & register:

Slaying the Dragon. Online. $30, 6.5 CEs. This program provides advanced clinical skills for trauma-informed evaluation, treatment planning, and supervision/consultation. Introduction to progressive counting (PC). Sponsored by Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute. Learn more & register:

Progressive Counting. Online. $850, 30 CEs. Progressive Counting (PC) is a fairly new research-supported trauma treatment that is effective, efficient, well-tolerated by clients, and relatively easy to master. This is a hands-on clinical skills training for using Progressive Counting with clients of all ages who have been exposed to significant trauma or loss. This in-depth training will cover trauma theory, impact of trauma and loss, identification and assessment of traumatized clients, and directly helping clients to manage their symptoms, resolve their trauma/loss memories, and prepare to cope effectively with future challenges. Sponsored by Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute. Learn more & register:


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