Continuing Education for Psychologists

New England Psychologist lists as many continuing education conferences and workshops as space allows. Workshops must offer CE credit to psychologists in order to be listed. Listings with incomplete information will not be printed. CE credits listed are for psychologists. Deadline to submit information is Jan. 1, Apr. 1, June 1, and Sep. 1 for print editions; anytime for online. CE workshop information may be submitted by email:


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Oct. 8: Understanding & Facilitating Post-Traumatic Growth. Online. $195, 6 CEs. Posttraumatic growth is a concept that acknowledges that trauma survivors often report positive changes in the aftermath of trauma, not only trauma symptoms or resilience. In this course, the process by which growth emerges will be explained, and an approach to facilitating this process in clinical work will be described with a case illustration. Presented by Richard Tedeschi, Ph.D. & Bret Moore, Psy.D. Sponsored by Vermont Psychological Assoc. Learn more & register:

Oct. 15 & 22: Experiences of God in the Individuation Process (Part 1 & 2): A True Story with Dian Croft. Online. $30, 0 CEs. This presentation (in two parts) explores Jung’s belief that the psyche is, by nature, religious. “Religion,” wrote Jung, “in the sense of conscientious regard for the irrational factors of the psyche and of individual fate.” Diane Croft will share the religious symbolism that emerged, unexpectedly, during her own three-year encounter with a numinous Presence that felt both otherworldly and intimate. She explains, “Even though I do not practice a religion, God and religious themes showed up vividly in my encounter with the depths. I wondered why? Jung helped me answer that question.” Sponsored by CG Jung Institute New England. Learn more & register:

Oct. 16-17 & Nov. 13-14: 66th Annual Max Shapiro Workshop in Clinical Hypnosis. Online. $650. 22 CEs. This two-weekend virtual workshop is comprised of a mix of didactic presentations, demonstrations, experiential exercises, and faculty-led small group practice tailored to the specific needs, interests, and learning styles of workshop participants. Clinical hypnosis deepens the work of mind-body practices such as mindfulness meditation. In this intensive workshop participants receive in-depth training in both the theory and practice of clinical hypnosis from some of New England’s leading hypnosis practitioners. Sponsored by the New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis, North Short Medical Center & R. Cassidy. Learn more & register:

Oct. 22: Annual CPA Convention. Online. $179 ($159 for members), 5 CEs. Online. Featuring keynote presentation on The Split Personality of Social Psychology by John Bargh, PhD. Along with dozens of other speakers throughout the day. Sponsored by Conn. Psychological Assoc. Learn more & register:

Oct. 29: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Intersectionalities & Cultural Self-Reflections. Online. $100 ($75 for MPA members), 3 CEs. During this workshop participants will engage in a cultural self-reflection process of their own intersectionalities to understand its influence on their personal and professional lives. The Multicultural Guidelines: An Ecological Approach to Context, Identity and Intersectionality (2017) will serve as the primary stimulus for the cultural self-reflection process. Participants will engage in cultural self-reflection process via interactive activities such as discussions, case scenarios, and videos with the use of breakout rooms. Sponsored by the Mass. Psychological Assoc. Learn more & register:



Nov. 4-5: Treating Couples. Online. $320, 14 CEs. Couples therapy is complicated and challenging; the complexity of our socio-political-cultural contexts during this worldwide health crisis has made it more so. This course will center on the latest advances in treatment and research in couples therapy. Dynamics of relationships and patterns of interaction that negatively impact relationships will be discussed, as well as a variety of treatment interventions to demonstrate what works best for various scenarios. Sponsored by Cambridge Health Alliance & Harvard Medical School. Learn more & register:

Nov. 6: Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness. Worcester, MA. $59, 3 CEs. Workshop will demonstrate tools and strategies to optimize mental performance and cultivate beneficial states of mind. Participants will practice meditation and mindfulness, and learn about how its practice can change the brain and overall well-being. Appropriate for participants who want to learn more about integrating mindfulness meditation in their everyday life. Sponsored by Heartwell Institute. Learn more and register:

Nov. 12: Social & Emotional Impacts of the Pandemic: Reshaping the Practice of Psychology. South Portland, ME. $180 ($130 for members), up to 6 CEs. Presentation by Robert P. Franks, PhD, CEO Judge Baker Children’s Center (JBCC) and faculty member at Harvard Medical School: Addressing Psychological Impacts of the Pandemic on the Family and Policies that Guide Practice. Afternoon session: The Impacts of COVID-19 Across the Lifespan with Susan Maataoui, Ph.D., Kathryn Graff Low, Ph.D., & Karen Levine, Ph.D. Also available as a half-day event. Sponsored by the Maine Psychological Association. Learn more & register:

Nov. 12-13: 2021 Virtual Annual Conference: Rising to the Occasion: Adaptability, Advocacy, and Transformation in the Field of Psychology.  Online. $200 ($140 for MPA members), 1.5 CEs per session. Emerging from a turbulent and stressful year of the COVID pandemic and racial and political strife, psychologists have risen to the occasion to assist clients with anxiety, grief, loss, trauma, isolation, and fear. We faced the same stressors as many of our clients during this unprecedented time and moved toward these challenges while the entire field was catapulted into a dramatic change in our professional lives. Plenary presenters include: Frank Worrell, Ph.D., Thema Bryant-Davis, Ph.D., and Gordon Nagayama Hall, Ph.D. Sponsored by the Mass. Psychological Assoc. Learn more & register:

Nov. 12-13: Traumatic Stress. Online. $320, 14 CEs. Workshop will provide perspectives and approaches in the delivery of trauma treatment. Research findings and theories on traumatic stress will be presented from comprehensive neurobiological, sociocultural, and ecological perspectives. Speakers will explore the roles of mental health clinicians in evaluating and treating disorders of traumatic stress, as well as approaches to address common challenges related to working with traumatized clients. Particular areas of focus include the effects of racism as systemic trauma, and multiple dimensions of the trauma experience, including pain, addiction, eating pathologies, sleep disorders, and self-harm. Sponsored by Cambridge Health Alliance & Harvard Medical School. Learn more & register:

Nov. 13: The Impact of Racism on African American Couples:  Implications for Couple Therapy. Online. $90, 2.5 CEs. An interactive, virtual workshop addressing the impact of racism on African American couples, presented by Marjorie Nightingale, PhD, LMFT, JD.  The experience of racism is nuanced and unique to each couple and their therapist.  Join us for an experiential exploration of our own identities in relation to others we may encounter in treatment. Sponsored by Psychodynamic Couple & Family Institute of New England. Learn more & register:

Nov. 13: The Enneagram and June with Mary Wolff-Salin. Online. $45, 0 CEs. An ancient but recently re-discovered system for understanding human personality types, the ENNEAGRAM  will be briefly studied in this short seminar. What is the difference between Jung’s understanding of personality types with its six basically interacting traits and the Enneagram’s nine, which we will be discussing? Sponsored by CG Jung Institute New England. Learn more & register:

Nov. 18 – Dec. 5: Intimate Partner Violence 2021. Online and at Newton, MA. $1,100, 28 CEs. Workshop is for professionals engaged in providing services to children, adults and families, and the courts who seek to provide or understand best practices of investigation, evaluation, and testimony in matters where domestic violence is alleged. This blended learning course will expose participants to emerging research in interpersonal violence and best practices using available guidelines and standards for evaluation of IPV. Sponsored by The Center of Excellence for Children, Families and the Law at William James College. Learn more & register:

Nov. – May ’22: Monthly Masters Series in Couple Therapy: Seven More Approaches to Interviewing. Online. $775 (+ $40 for CEs), 18 CEs may be available (check with provider). The eighth year of this highly popular, fun and exciting course conceived by Corky Becker, PhD, will provide participants with the opportunity to listen to, observe, dialogue and practice with several senior couple therapists. Invited guest faculty will present critical ideas that are foundational to their approach, do a live interview with a role play couple, and answer questions from participants. Sponsored by Therapy Training Boston. Learn more & register at: or call 617-924-9255.



Dec. 3: Complicated & Traumatic Loss: Meaning Making, Hope, and Transcendence. Presentation by Froma Walsh, Ph.D. Sponsored by Therapy Training Boston. Learn more & register at: or call 617-924-9255.




EMDR Basic Training. Zoom. $1,550-$1,618 for 20 CEs. The EMDR Therapy Basic Training (Weekend 1 and 2) is designed for licensed mental health practitioners who treat adults and children in a clinical setting (See Qualifications Section). EMDR is a comprehensive psychotherapy that accelerates the treatment of a wide range of pathologies and self-esteem issues related to disturbing events and present life conditions. Sponsored by the EMDR Institute. Learn more:

EMDR. Online. $1525-$1725, 52 CEs. This is hands-on clinical skills training for using EMDR and integrating it with your psychotherapy approach — with adults as well as children. Sponsored by Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute with R. Cassidy Seminars. For more information, visit or call 413-774-2340.

Slaying the Dragon. Online. $50, 6.5 CEs. This program provides advanced clinical skills for trauma-informed evaluation, treatment planning, and supervision/consultation. Introduction to progressive counting (PC). Sponsored by Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute with R. Cassidy Seminars. For more information, visit or call 413-774-2340.

Progressive Counting. Online. $850, 32 CEs. Progressive Counting (PC) is a fairly new research-supported trauma treatment that is effective, efficient, well-tolerated by clients, and relatively easy to master. This is a hands-on clinical skills training for using Progressive Counting with clients of all ages who have been exposed to significant trauma or loss. This in-depth training will cover trauma theory, impact of trauma and loss, identification and assessment of traumatized clients, and directly helping clients to manage their symptoms, resolve their trauma/loss memories, and prepare to cope effectively with future challenges. Sponsored by Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute with R. Cassidy Seminars. For more information, visit or call 413-774-2340.