Continuing Education for Psychologists

New England Psychologist lists as many continuing education conferences and workshops as space allows. Workshops must offer CE credits (listed below) to psychologists in order to be included here. Listings with incomplete information will not be printed. Deadline to submit information is Jan. 1, Apr. 1, June 1, and Sep. 1 for print editions; anytime for online. CE workshop information may be submitted by email:


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Mar. 29 & 30: BIA-MA 41st Annual Brain Injury Conference. Marlborough, MA. Up to 12.0 CEs for both days. Tiered pricing structure, early bird pricing thru 3/23. For more than 40 years, the BIA-MA Annual Brain Injury Conference has provided a platform for education, resources, and support, as well as a sense of the community for those affected by brain injury. Join us for keynote speaker Carole Starr, 25 workshop options, and an Exhibitor Hall showcasing community resources, emerging technologies, and more! Sponsored by the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts (BIA-MA). Learn more & register:



Apr. 7: The DSM-5 Alternative Model for Personality Disorders (AMPD): A Dimensional Trait-Based Approach. Zoom. $20, 1 CE. Participants will be introduced to the rationale for this paradigm shift, the diagnostic components of the AMPD, and contemporary research and case examples regarding clinical implementation and utility of the model. Sponsored by William James College. Contact:

Apr. 12-13: 25th Annual MASOC/MATSA Joint Conference. Online. $205, 14 CEs. This year’s two day conference is focused on preventing sexual violence through assessment, treatment and safe management of adults, adolescents and children who have sexually abused. Keynote speakers: Sharon Cooper, MD & Sharon Kelley, PsyD. Sponsored by William James College, MASOC & MATSA. Contact:

Apr. 13: Child & Family Forensic Psychology: Practicing Through a Social Justice Lens. Online. $60, 2 CEs. Two clinicians present information about the relevance and application of social justice and feminist intersectionality theory to child & family forensic psychology. Examples from the authors’ own clinical experience will provide evidence for the existence of intersectional phenomena, as well as provide templates and tools to improve the quality and effectiveness of professional psychologists’ service delivery efforts within child & family forensics. Sponsored by the Conn. Psychological Assoc. Contact:

Apr. 14: CALM – Lethal Means Counseling. Online. $195, 6 CEs. This workshop will focus on how to effectively counsel your clients who may have access to firearms or dangerous medications on minimizing access to those suicide means. Sponsored by VT Psychological Assoc. & Brattleboro Retreat. Contact:

Apr. 21: Clinical Competencies with Transgender & Non-Binary Youth. Online. 3 CEs. This presentation provides an overview of relevant LGBTQ+ terminology and relevant scientific literature, explores what transition is and what it may or may not include, discusses the ethics of working with trans youth and clinical considerations/skills (e.g., what is gender exploration), and practice recommendations for working with parents and caregivers. Sponsored by RI Psychological Assoc. Contact:

Apr. 21-22: Child Maltreatment 2023. Newton, MA & Zoom. $1100, 28 CEs. This course is designed for professionals engaged in providing services to youth, families, and the courts who seek to provide or understand best practices of investigation, evaluation, and testimony in matters of child abuse or neglect including sexual abuse in the context of divorce. Participants will distinguish between forensic and clinical evaluations, enhance reliability of interviews of children, apply a systematic approach to providing a sound evidence-based report and opinion, and identify ethical issues inherent in evaluations and testimony. Sponsored by William James College. Contact:

Apr. 26 & 27: Trauma and the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model: Releasing Personal and Legacy Burdens. Zoom. $350, 12 CEs (additional charge). The workshop will focus on helping clients release personal burdens related to traumatic experiences in their lives. An overview of the clinical applications of IFS in trauma work will be presented. You will learn through didactic teaching, interactive dialogue, demonstration, and live interviews. Sponsored by Therapy Training Boston. Contact:

Apr. 28; May 5, 12, 19, 26: Mindfulness as a Catalyst for Equity and Collective Healing. Worcester, MA. $360, 32.5 CEs. This session will help individuals become agents for social change by using trauma-informed relational mindfulness practices infused by frameworks of psychosocial and cultural competency. The foundational pillars of this program are grounded in fostering trust, acceptance, and compassion to facilitate a transformational journey with life-long personal, interpersonal, social, and global impact. Sponsored by HeartWell Institute. Contact:



May 4-5: Meditation and Psychotherapy: Returning to Love and Compassion. Online. $300, 10 CEs. How might compassion practices help, including meditation? This course will deepen clinicians’ understanding of the psychological, physiological, developmental, social, and neurological factors that foster compassion. Participants will become better equipped to help their clients cultivate these qualities, as well as learning how to develop them for themselves. Sponsored by Cambridge Health Alliance & Harvard Medical School. Contact:

May 5: Mental Health Crises in Our Communities: Envisioning New Collaborations, Building New Bridges. Online. $35, 2.5 CEs. Dealing with mental health crises has come to the fore with a series of highly publicized incidents involving local police departments, the mental health services in our communities and the growing efforts to meld together their expertise in more effective collaborations. Sponsored by William James College. Contact:

May 5: Racial Trauma & Structural Inequities: Leveraging Culturally-Inclusive Networks of Support for Children & Adolescents in Underserved Communities. Online. $45, 3 CEs. The Annual Children’s Mental Health Matters Conference convenes thought leaders and experts in the fields of behavioral health, education, public health, and public policy to exchange knowledge and best practices on culturally-informed prevention and intervention programs designed to address the mental health needs, and promote the social-emotional well-being, of children, adolescents, and families in historically excluded and underserved communities. Sponsored by William James College. Contact:

May 12: Introduction to Mentalization-Based Therapy. Online. $195, 6 CEs. This presentation is an introduction to the theory and clinical practice of mentalization-based psychotherapy, developed in the 1990s for people with borderline personalities. Modifications to the model to adjust to different populations will be discussed and illustrated. Sponsored by VT Psychological Assoc. & Brattleboro Retreat. Contact:



June 2: Treating Complex Trauma Through Relationships: A Blueprint from the Collaborative Change Model (CCM). Zoom & In-person, Waltham, MA. $145, 6 CEs (additional charge). The workshop will teach about the CCM and its value in working with individuals with trauma. Teaching methods will include lecture, discussion in small groups, Q&A, live role play demonstration and a videotaped role play demonstration. Sponsored by Therapy Training Boston. Contact:

June 7: Campus Sexual Misconduct: Preventing and Responding to Perpetration. Online. $45, 5 CEs. Nationally recognized speakers will focus on preventing first time perpetration of sexual misconduct as well as the variety of responses to a report of sexual misconduct. Over the course of the day, we will provide an overview of what is known and not known about the students who engage in sexually problematic and abusive behaviors from multiple perspectives.  Sponsored by William James College. Contact:

June 9-10: Parenting Coordination 2023. Newton, MA & Zoom. $1100, 35 CEs. Parents who are in chronic high conflict pose particular difficulties for the courts, the professionals who are involved with them, and their children. Increasingly, courts are appointing Parenting Coordinators to help reduce parental conflict and protect the children. This training will examine the role and functions of the Parenting Coordinator and the interventions helpful to reduce conflict. Sponsored by William James College. Contact:

June 16: Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Suicide Prevention. Online. $195, 6 CEs. This workshop is for professionals seeking to acquire entry-level training and knowledge on the assessment, management, and treatment of suicide risk through brief cognitive behavioral therapy. Sponsored by VT Psychological Assoc. & Brattleboro Retreat. Contact:



EMDR Basic Training. Zoom. $1,550-$1,618 for 20 CEs. The EMDR Therapy Basic Training (Weekend 1 and 2) is designed for licensed mental health practitioners who treat adults and children in a clinical setting (See Qualifications Section). EMDR is a comprehensive psychotherapy that accelerates the treatment of a wide range of pathologies and self-esteem issues related to disturbing events and present life conditions. Sponsored by the EMDR Institute. Learn more:

EMDR. Online. $1525-$1725, 40 CEs. This is hands-on clinical skills training for using EMDR and integrating it with your psychotherapy approach — with adults as well as children. Sponsored by Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute. Learn more & register:

Slaying the Dragon. Online. $30, 6.5 CEs. This program provides advanced clinical skills for trauma-informed evaluation, treatment planning, and supervision/consultation. Introduction to progressive counting (PC). Sponsored by Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute. Learn more & register:

Progressive Counting. Online. $850, 30 CEs. Progressive Counting (PC) is a fairly new research-supported trauma treatment that is effective, efficient, well-tolerated by clients, and relatively easy to master. This is a hands-on clinical skills training for using Progressive Counting with clients of all ages who have been exposed to significant trauma or loss. This in-depth training will cover trauma theory, impact of trauma and loss, identification and assessment of traumatized clients, and directly helping clients to manage their symptoms, resolve their trauma/loss memories, and prepare to cope effectively with future challenges. Sponsored by Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute. Learn more & register:


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