Continuing Education

New England Psychologist lists as many continuing education conferences as space allows. Listings with incomplete information will not be printed. CE credits listed are for psychologists. Deadline to submit information is the 1st of the month prior to the month listing appears in. (For example: Jan. 1st deadline for listing in Feb.). Conference information may be submitted via snail mail: ATTN: Continuing Education, New England Psychologist, P.O. Box 5464, Bradford, MA 01835; or by email:


Aug. 2: Illness, Disability, & Loss: Helping Individuals, Couples & Families Live & Love Well. Watertown MA. 9-4:45pm, $130, 6 CEs. Rolland’s Family Systems Illness model provides a guiding framework for therapists to help couples and families navigate the changing landscape in the experience of illness over time. Learn concrete skills to address common challenges such as: communication issues, maintaining relationships with caregiving demands and threatened loss, adherence issues, promote resilient “illness narratives,” re-visioning life dreams and goals when necessary, and counteract patient/caregiver relational imbalances that can emerge over time. Sponsored by Therapy Training Boston. Contact or 617-924-9255.


Sept. 11: New Frontiers in Humanistic Psychology in a Technological World. Newton, MA. 6:30-8:30pm $40, 2 CEs. Dr. Kirk Schneider has written extensively on the role and necessity of humanistic psychology in this new world in order to deepen our capacity to feel as well as dwell in the miracle of the unknown. He will apply these ideas to the practice of psychotherapy. Sponsored by William James College. Contact

Sept. 13: Psychological First Aid (PFA): Applications in School Based Crisis Response. Newton, MA. 9-12:00 pm $65, 3 CEs. This program will provide a brief overview of psychological trauma and how PFA and the 8 core actions which serve as the central components of the model are used to help support individuals and promote resilience. Presentation will focus on crisis response within the school setting and will include suicide post-intervention in the community. Sponsored by William James College. Contact

Sept. 14: Compassion Fatigue and Resilience in the Helping Professions: Individual, Group, and Organizational Approaches. Newton, MA. 9-4:30 pm $195, 6 CEs. This one-day workshop provides an overview of the research on compassion fatigue, including burnout and secondary trauma. Participants will learn effective resilience strategies on the individual, group, and organizational level to use in their personal and professional practice. Sponsored by William James College. Contact

Sept. 20: Cultural Competence/Humility and Treatment Techniques that Work in the Latino Community. Warwick, RI. $109 for members, $169 non-members, 6 CEs. Workshop participants will gain a sense of the diversity within the Latino population and an appreciation of how the varied socio-cultural forces affect treatment. Participants will be guided to better understand one’s own socio-cultural context and that of the client’s and the concomitant role of each in therapy. Sponsored by the Rhode Island Psychological Assoc. Contact or 401-732-2400.

Sept. 20: Two-Part Diversity & Inclusion Event. Marlborough, MA. 9-4:00pm, $150 for members, $200 non-members, 6 CEs. During this conference experience, participants will be offered opportunities to reflect on and dialogue about relevant conceptual frameworks, such as diversity, equity, inclusion, socialization, multi-systemic privilege and oppression, intersectionality, implicit bias, and cognitive empathy. Participants will be encouraged to make connections between their social identities, experiences with privilege and oppression, and their professional practices. Sponsored by the Mass. Psychological Assoc. Contact or

Sept. 21: Global Mental Health: Envisioning a Humanitarian Psychology. Newton, MA. 9-4:30 pm $150, 6 CEs. The focus of this conference is on envisioning a humanitarian psychology –it is a call to action for psychology and global mental health to envision responses to global and local crises ranging from world violence to the spiraling impact of climate change. The keynote presentation, A Manifesto for Healing a Violent World, will be followed by two panels on Humanitarian Psychology in Action, and The Impact of Climate Change: Psychology’s Role. Sponsored by William James College. Contact

Sept. 23-Nov. 2: Broken/Whole: A Positive Psychology Approach to Building Resilience in Clients. Newton, MA. $590, 18 CEs. Blended online course & required residency by Maria Sirois, PsyD. The course examines the role of positive states, the importance of constructing meaning, the significance of mindfulness and mindfulness practice during times of high or chronic stress as well as chronic stress, and the overarching benefits of healthful connection in building sustaining relationships, among other topics. Sponsored by William James College. Contact

Sept. 26-28: New Frontiers in Experiential Dynamic Therapy. Boston, MA. $500, 18 CEs. 2019 International Conference of the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy (EDT) Association (IEDTA). Keynote speaker is Dr. Edward Tronick. This conference celebrates this work on “new frontiers” with sessions on the following topics in relation to EDT. Sponsored by the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA), William James College & the Washington School of Psychiatry. Contact


Oct 4: Holding Steady in Unsteady Times: Working in Contexts of Ongoing Traumatic Stress. Natick, MA. 9-4:30pm $85, 6 CEs. This year’s annual conference will focus on how professionals understand and make meaning of their trauma work in the context of what’s happening in the world, and how that affects what they bring into the room in a meaningful and effective way, which both supports the people they serve and sustains the professionals. Sponsored by Riverside Trauma Center. Contact

Oct. 5-6, 26-2. Basic Workshop in Clinical Hypnosis. Auburndale, MA. $650 before Aug. 31, $750 after. Student/trainee: $399 with proof of status. 23 CEs. Intensive, in-depth training in both the theory and practice of clinical hypnosis from some of New England’s leading clinical hypnotherapists, with a full 14 hours of guided skill practice. Participants will be able to use hypnosis immediately in their practices. Open to psychologists, physicians, doctoral or master’s level licensed healthcare professionals including dentists and physical therapists. Contact or to register.

Oct. 18: Giving Your Brain a Workout: The Science and Practice of Promoting Lifespan Cognitive Health. Concord, NH. 8:30-12:15pm, $110 for members, $135 non-members, 3 CEs. The seminar will consider the importance of understanding and promoting cognitive health across settings and throughout the lifespan. In addition to participant exercises designed to reinforce seminar content, practical strategies will be discussed that can serve to incorporate cognition-promoting interventions into one’s clinical repertoire. Sponsored by the NH Psychological Assoc. Contact or to register.

Oct. 18: Best Practices in ASD/Neurodivergent Treatment for Adolescents and Emerging Adults. Concord, NH. 1:15-4:30pm, $110 for members, $135 non-members, 3 CEs. This 3-hour introductory workshop will discuss evidence-based practices in group and individual psychotherapy for adolescents and young adults on the autism spectrum and/or who identify as neurodivergent. This workshop will incorporate active, hands-on activities, a variety of case studies, and will discuss the current state of neurodivergent activism and justice. Sponsored by the NH Psychological Assoc. Contact or to register.

Oct. 19: Culturally Responsive Therapeutic Interventions for Boys and Men of Color Who Have Experienced Childhood Sexual Trauma. Newton, MA. 9-4:30 pm $130, 6 CEs. This daylong workshop will offer four culturally-sensitive treatment approaches for helpers who work with boys and men of color impacted by psychological trauma (e.g., sexual abuse, interpersonal violence, race-based trauma). Sponsored by William James College. Contact


Nov. 1-2: Treating Couples. Boston, MA. 7:45-5:00pm, $310 ($425 for physicians), 14 CEs. Presentations center on the latest advances in treatment and research in couples’ therapy. The dynamics of relationships and patterns of interactions that negatively impact relationships will be explained and strategies offered to help clinicians advance treatment skills and improve effectiveness. Sponsored by Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health Alliance. Contact to register.