New England Psychologist

Telehealth follies

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

The pandemic propelled many therapists into providing services via telehealth, typically through videoconferencing. Indeed, many colleagues have left the office, never to return. The advantages of telehealth sessions for clients have been well documented. Telehealth increases accessibility for those clients living in rural areas, those without transportation and those who are homebound because of physical restrictions or mental health conditions. But what of the follies of telehealth? Many psychologists did not have formal training in delivering services via videoconferencing but… Read more »

Practical Practice

I’m dead, now what?

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

This provocative title caught my eye at the local bookstore several years ago. It is a practical workbook that functions as both an organizer and end-of-life planner. My siblings (who share a similar dark and cynical sense of humor) appreciated it as a unique holiday gift during the pandemic. The thought occurred to me that this type of planning does not always occur for psychologists in practice. Fewer than half of Americans have a will, according to several Gallup polls… Read more »

Make me an offer: How third-party negotiators suppress out of network claims

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

As sensational as this title may sound, in August of 2023, AdventHealth brought an antitrust lawsuit against MultiPlan, Inc. a third-party business that negotiates out of network insurance claims between health care providers and insurance companies. The details of the lawsuit are available online. AdventHealth refers repeatedly to the “MultiPlan Cartel.” I became familiar with MultiPlan last year after I resigned from the panel of an insurance company but continued to submit electronic claims on behalf of existing clients who… Read more »

Marketing to the public versus peers

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

When I began my career, in the early 1990s, word of mouth, recommendations from health providers and insurance provider directories were the primary methods I used to find a therapist in independent practice. Psychologists promoted new psychotherapeutic approaches by speaking at conferences, writing manuscripts, and books. In the digital age, there is an inordinate amount of competing content, but it seems that most people still seek out a psychologist through personal referral, recommendation from a health provider, or via an… Read more »

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