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Rhode Island Senator Alana DiMario (D- District 36)

Rhode Island joins PSYPACT to increase providers, decrease wait times

By Eileen Weber

Since the pandemic, mental health issues for both children and adults have increased, creating a widespread push for online access to healthcare. As a result, Rhode Island joined the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact, commonly known as PSYPACT. The move creates a two-way street for clinicians and clients: providers can see patients out of state and patients can see providers out of state. A 2022 law on this matter went into effect in the summer of 2023. Other New England states like… Read more »

Practical Practice

Marketing to the public versus peers

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

When I began my career, in the early 1990s, word of mouth, recommendations from health providers and insurance provider directories were the primary methods I used to find a therapist in independent practice. Psychologists promoted new psychotherapeutic approaches by speaking at conferences, writing manuscripts, and books. In the digital age, there is an inordinate amount of competing content, but it seems that most people still seek out a psychologist through personal referral, recommendation from a health provider, or via an… Read more »

The overscheduled practitioner

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

“People don’t change.” This was relayed to me within my first week on the job by a psychologist, 30 years older than myself. As a researcher, he had some basis for this statement and was referring to enduring behavior patterns, such as my tendency to take on too much and predictably, feel overwhelmed. Over the course of our 30-year friendship, this has remained a fundamental disagreement between us. Psychotherapy is based on the premise that people are capable of change!… Read more »

What can therapists learn from older adult clients?

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

Most mornings, I drink from a coffee cup featuring an owl, given to me by a client nearly 15 years ago. She was in her 80s and in failing health. Her death occurred after I stopped working with her. Unfailingly, my owl cup triggers positive memories of a woman who lived a full life and influenced my perspective on how to align my lifestyle with my values and priorities. At the time I received the gift, I did not anticipate… Read more »

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