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Koko Used GPT-3 AI Without Informed Consent from Users

By John Grohol, Psy.D.

When you’re on the cutting edge of trying to help people with mental health issues, sometimes it’s easy to let the technology and good intentions get ahead of ethics. That seems to be the case, for the second time, for Robert Morris, PhD, and his technology service, Koko. Artificial intelligence (AI) has garnered much attention and headlines lately due to the advances it’s made in art, and more recently, with text (via services like ChatGPT which utilizes an AI language… Read more »

Practical Practice

The potential dangers of `career creep’

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

My younger colleague regards me with confusion. She is responding to my observation that she seems overwhelmed. “I don’t want to say no and risk limiting my opportunities in the future,” she says. She is simultaneously writing a manuscript, putting together a conference presentation, seeing clients, and supervising trainees. She juggles these tasks with apparent ease, while also parenting two young children. I wince, remembering how I had felt similarly over the course of my career. The psychology doctoral degree… Read more »

The Nature of Change

By Maria Mouratidis, Psy.D.

We are not that different from a tree. As an analogy, trees breathe, have branches that resemble the branches of our lungs, and have tree rings much like a “fingerprint.” The seasons provide a recurring opportunity for nature to teach us. Changes in the wind often seem to usher in the change of seasons. Do you notice how some branches break and fall to the ground, yet others remain? Join me for a few moments of anthropomorphism, will you? I… Read more »

License mobility allows greater public access

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

Several NE states participate in PsyPact As a psychologist in New England, I recently learned that I have the option of applying for an EPassport and Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT), authorizations accepted in PsyPact participating states. PsyPact is an interstate compact that allows psychologists to practice telepsychology with clients living in PsyPact participating states. Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut have enacted legislation and Rhode Island has recently joined, with laws that become effective in January 2023. Massachusetts has… Read more »

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