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Vermont Department of Mental Health Deputy Commissioner Alison Krompf, MA

Vermont establishes mental health urgent care centers as alternatives to emergency departments

By Danielle Ray

Vermont is addressing the ever-growing mental health crisis with a forward-thinking idea –mental health urgent care centers across the state, including an inaugural one in the Northeast Kingdom, an area that represents more than 2,000 square miles and a 2010 census population of 64,764 people. The idea behind the concept is that the centers provide services to people of all ages who are suffering from suicidal thought or ideations, panic attacks, and other psychiatric and mental health crises, resulting in… Read more »

Practical Practice

Practical Practice: How will Artificial Intelligence disrupt the therapy industry?

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

I’m a late adopter of technology. I had a flip phone for an embarrassingly long time, resisted Facebook and kept a paper calendar well into the digital age. Despite this, curiosity about the open-source ChatGPT motivated me to watch a quick YouTube video and within minutes, create an online free account. With breathtaking speed, ChatGPT revised my awkwardly worded email and provided me with quotes about psychotherapy, such as, the following from Carl Rogers, “The curious paradox is that when… Read more »

What is happening to patient privacy?

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

Recently, I realized that my medical records are available through not one, but three health information exchanges (HIEs), CTHealthlink, CONNIE and CareEverywhere. I learned this by looking at the privacy disclosures on the website where I have received care. I then looked up the member organizations participating in each HIE. Most of the member organizations are acute care hospitals but some are mental health clinics. I investigated a bit further to find that if I were referred for cancer treatment… Read more »

Pay it forward

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

Why is it that no one ever calls me back? This is a statement that I hear nearly every day from people searching for mental health services. I’m in agreement. It is mystifying that phone calls from people searching for clinicians go unanswered. If psychologists could do one thing to improve public perception, it should be to assist people who ask us how to access a therapist. Full disclosure, there have been times when I have not returned phone calls… Read more »

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