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Treating Long COVID mental health symptoms requires coordination

By Beth Negus Viveiros

Communication between mental health professionals and primary care providers (PCPs) is key to proper diagnosis and treatment of Long COVID mental health issues. Because Long COVID is a broad condition, providers must collect a full patient history to address other potential causes of symptoms, noted Molly Sanborn, public health analyst at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This makes multidisciplinary care vital. “PCPs are the first link many people have to the healthcare systems,” said Sanborn. “There… Read more »

Practical Practice

Should I accept this referral?

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

Not long ago, I received a call from a woman requesting an intake appointment. I don’t use a scheduler and prefer to pre-screen clients myself. She was unclear about her referral source. Something seemed vaguely familiar and following a gut feeling, I pressed her for more information. It became apparent that she was the mother of an adult client whom I was currently treating. Moreover, the toxicity of the parent-child relationship had been the focus of many sessions. Yikes! I… Read more »

The pros and cons of accepting health insurance

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

Solo practitioners face challenges Have you considered joining or leaving an insurance panel? More than one out of four psychologists are self-employed and nearly half (45 percent) work in private practice settings. Psychologists in independent practice often do not accept health insurance, citing low reimbursement rates and difficulties getting paid. I think of myself as a woman in my “pre-retirement” years and as such, I no longer have the burden of student loans, my kids’ college tuition, or other wallet-draining… Read more »

Practical Practice: How will Artificial Intelligence disrupt the therapy industry?

By Ellen Anderson, Ph.D

I’m a late adopter of technology. I had a flip phone for an embarrassingly long time, resisted Facebook and kept a paper calendar well into the digital age. Despite this, curiosity about the open-source ChatGPT motivated me to watch a quick YouTube video and within minutes, create an online free account. With breathtaking speed, ChatGPT revised my awkwardly worded email and provided me with quotes about psychotherapy, such as, the following from Carl Rogers, “The curious paradox is that when… Read more »

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