College Internship Program, CIP Berkshire

40 Main St., Suite 3
Lee, MA 01238


ADMISSIONS: Maggi Sanderson, 877-566-9247. For more information, visit

AGES/GRADES: Males and females ages 18-26 in a full year, 7 day a week residential program for young adults with autism, ADHD, and other learning differences. Two week summer programs for high school students  and high school graduates are also available.

THERAPEUTIC SERVICES: Individual therapy with licensed clinicians in Massachusetts.


POPULATION SERVED: ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and learning disabilities.

COMMENTS: A full year residential program providing young adults with individualized supports in the area of social skills, college academics, internship and employment development, executive functioning, and independent living skills. Incoming students are assessed through the application process and a level of support determined which provides each student with appropriate supports for success.

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