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January 1st, 2010

Tips offered to psychologists to cope with trying times

By Ami Albernaz

As clients have cut back on the frequency of sessions, or in some cases, ended them altogether to save money, psychologists, too, have felt the pain of the financial crisis. For those just starting their practices, the downturn may be especially difficult to weather. A few seasoned psychologists around New England offered some tips for making it through these trying times, and even thriving in them. If some of the tips sound familiar, it may be because they’re similar to advice you would likely give your clients Keep a cool head. “Try to avoid overreacting to negative stories in the [More]

January 1st, 2010

Psychologists’ research focuses on metaphors

By Catherine Robertson Souter

Human language is rife with metaphors. We label an easy work assignment as a “piece of cake” and call a difficult task an “uphill battle.” In fact, metaphors are so common in the way we talk that we don’t really notice them – or attach much importance to them. There’s a movement within social psychology to take a closer look at those metaphors we so casually toss around like a football at a backyard picnic. Current research into the metaphors we use most often, for instance that a person can be “warm” or “cold,” or that we can feel “close” [More]