NEP in 2020

By John Grohol, Psy.D.
November 5th, 2019

New England Psychologist LogoWith another year ending, it’s time to share news of New England Psychologist’s (NEP) print future with you. As I’ve mentioned here previously, traditional publishing has become increasingly challenging with the rise of printing and mailing costs year after year.

How often we publish in print form impacts our ability to keep publishing. With that in mind, we’ve decided to change our print publishing schedule to go to publishing once each quarter in 2020. We will also be discontinuing the psychiatric treatment facilities special directory, but keeping the residential schools directory (which will be published in the fourth quarter issue moving forward).

To supplement our print publishing, we’re going to publish additional articles every month online-only on our website, And, we’re going to be publishing even more articles on our sister site, Psych Central Professional. Check it out at

While we understand this is not ideal, it reflects the challenging times for small professional publications such as ours. Here’s how you can help.

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Support our sponsors! Attend a CE workshop from one of our sponsors, or refer a patient to one of the schools or treatment centers that advertise regularly in our issues.

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